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Premium Business Mail

Premium Business Mail

Premium Business Mail

  Still dealing with clients in an unprofessional manner and sending the mails from same free Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo type services and struggling to get good business.

  Drawbacks of using free email services

The email you sent can go to archive or spam mail folder

Clients usually ignore or delete such mails

Less response from clients leading to low conversion rates.

To avoid facing the above drawbacks start using a professional business mails service with Design host- a name known for its best services. We will help you in dealing with your clients professionally with your own professional email address.

When you use a professional business email service with us, you can avail the following benefits:

Having a professional business email shows your professionalism and your sincerity towards your work.

Your email gets recognize faster amongst other email services.

A mail sent through professional business mail service creates a good impression on the client.

You are safe from internet hacking, spamming and malware attacks as professional business email provides many security features that keep your confidential information safe.

With us, your email becomes easily reachable and readable as you can access your email from anywhere through webmail, mobile, etc.

So, tell the world about your existence. Make your identity, show your professionalism and achieve your business goals. Contact us to know about our new plans that are customizable and affordable for every business.

Premium Business Mail
Premium Business Mail
Premium Business Mail
  Setup Cost  
Premium Mail 2,500/- BUY NOW
Amazon SES 3,000/- BUY NOW
Mail Grid 3,500/- BUY NOW
G Suite 2,500/- BUY NOW
Microsoft Office 365 2,500/- BUY NOW
ZOHO Mail 2,500/- BUY NOW