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Promotional Email

Email Marketing Service in Delhi

Promotional Email

 Contact Design host to experience an increase in the number of high-value prospects by our best Promotional Email service.

Nearly 122 billion emails are sent every hour. This line says it all. Email marketing is doing wonders in the marketing world. It has taken business across seven seas irrespective of place, time and money. Doing business has become much simpler with this powerful tool. It also acts as a bridge between a client and a business. Through Email or EDM (Electronic Data Mailers) you can connect with customers in a personalized manner.

  Why you should choose promotional Email as your marketing tool ?

Millions of your clients can be updated about lucrative offers, discounts, new products or campaigns by just a click. Due to the increasing use of mobiles, anyone can access the mail anytime and anywhere. Hence it is a matter of seconds.

Promotional Emails are designed in aligned with the brand identity that increases brand awareness.

It helps in maintaining a loyal database.

It is the cheapest and fastest mode of communication.

As emails can be accessed from mobiles, tabs, etc on many easy to carry devices, probability of client reading as soon as it reaches is more.

Emails can be accessed by using an email id and password. Hence is safe and reliable mode of getting in touch with the client.

Our team at Design Host is responsive enough to drive more traffic with the help of Promotional Emails. With us, you can schedule your email and can notify your client about the mail via SMS irrespective of any vertical. This will also help in building a good image in front of the client. Email We send SMS by putting IVR number in SMS content and get a direct lead call from customers. We also have come up with some effective and economical plans that will surely give you the best benefits.

Contact us and avail the benefits of our services at affordable prices.


Our Bulk Email Panel Features

Promotional Email
Promotional Email

Email Panel

Promotional Email

Email panel created by us let you alter or make any changes to the email.

Promotional Email

Schedule Email

Promotional Email

You can schedule your Emails and can notify your clients about the latest offers or discounts irrespective of business vertical you belong.

Promotional Email

Make Contact list

Promotional Email

We will provide you with the database of emails that have opted to receive emails from your company.

Promotional Email

Email Optimize (CTR/CPI)

Promotional Email

We can track the number of people who received the email sent through the CTR/CPI ratio.

Promotional Email

Use Your Existing Template

Promotional Email

you can also use your existing template if you are ok with it.

Promotional Email

Email Personalization

Promotional Email

You can get your email personalized as per your business requirements.

Promotional Email

Make Email Template

Promotional Email

We can create the best and unique email templates that go best with your business type.

Promotional Email

100% Responsive UI

Promotional Email

Email designs created by us are 100% responsive and fit every device perfectly.

Promotional Email

Free Support

Promotional Email

HTTP-API, XML, SDK, Web Plugins easy to use Parameter are available with free developer support.

Features Plane

Promotional Email

  2,000 Mails Limit per/hr

 Unlimited Email Address

 HTML Support

 Shared IP 4

 Static IP Required

 Blacklists de-listing

 Delivery Report

 Bounce Report

 Image Support

 Mail Open Report

 Activation Time 0-4Hrs.

 Support on Phone

Promotional Email
Email Pack Volume Price
1,00,000 EMAIL 0.03 Paise 3000/- BUY NOW
5,00,000 EMAIL 0.028 Paise 14,000/- BUY NOW
10,00,000 0.025 Paise 25,000/- BUY NOW
15,00,000 0.023 Paise 34,500/- BUY NOW
20,00,000 0.020 Paise 40,000/- BUY NOW

Above mentioned price is exclusive of Gst. 18% Gst Applicable.

OPPS :- Currently there is no offer